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Shenzhen Zhongtu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is an automation equipment enterprise that introduces advanced design concepts and technologies, integrating research and development, design, manufacturing, debugging, and after-sales service. The company is engaged in tooling fixtures, testing fixtures/assembly fixtures, machining, production line optimization solutions, standard machines (automatic soldering machines/automatic locking machines/automatic glue dispensing machines/vacuum bonding machines/automatic film sticking machines/automatic press machines, etc.), automation production line equipment transformation, design and manufacturing of automatic assembly lines, non-standard equipment, and sales of equipment accessories, instruments/meters, and electronic accessories; The product has been successfully applied in the fields of 3C electronics, touch screen/backlight car, modules, mobile phones, and new energy manufacturing.

Business expansion and design development are synchronized, adhering to the principle of providing technical support through customer service and reducing process costs. Starting from the concept of replacing manual labor with machines in production manual operations, we optimize production lines to effectively increase production capacity and reduce labor costs; And assist customer engineers to solve the problems that exist in the process of introducing new product projects into the manufacturing process; In product design, a new design concept is used to better improve the practicality, stability, and maintenance convenience of fixtures and automation equipment.

Since its establishment, our company has relied on its own technological advantages, with customer satisfaction as the goal, market demand as the development direction, and integrity * * *, reasonable prices, and fast and high-quality after-sales service as the business policy to create greater value for customers.

◆ Company philosophy: Innovation, efficiency, pragmatism, and progress

◆ Code of Conduct: Sense of Mission Achieves Excellent Teams

◆ Talent perspective: Talents are the driving force of enterprises

◆ Service concept: professional, attentive, efficient, and stable

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